Terms of use

General terms & conditions

  • Upon receipt of an order from the website, the seller must make confirmation by telephone
  • After the order is confirmed by the customer, it will be proccessed
  • The seller's obligation is to deliever ordered products fully functional and in due time
  • In case of any changes concerning the order the seller must notify the buyer during phone confirmation
  • Any change except changes related to delivery are not related to confirmed orders
  • In case of any inconsistency of delivery prices listed on this site with prices of the courier service, buyer will be notified during the phone confirmation

Quality assurance

"Marving muzički instrumenti i pribor" guarantees the quality of its products. All products are genuine and meet the specification stated on this website. The provider of warranty, within the warranty period, at its own expense takes care of malfunctions and product defects. In case stated cannot be done, the provider of the guarantee will replace the product with new or give the customer a refund. The warranty period begins on the date of sale, which is stated in the warranty card and is verified with the seal and signature of the seller. The buyer loses the right to claim warranty if the defect cause comes from the failure to follow the instructions for use given or if the product has any repairs carried out by unauthorized persons.

To avoid any misunderstandings, duty of the seller and the buyer on delivery is to review the product and to indicate possible mechanical damage, in which case the product will be replaced.

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