Welcome to our musical world!

Marving Company was established in 1989. as a family owned company. Marving cares for selling of a multiplicity of world-well-known brand instruments. Our service creates thereby the connection between the products of international brand manufacturers and the market for musical instruments and accessories. We are the exclusive distributor for many of the industries leading manufacturers.

Our sales team consists of individuals with years in the music industry. Experience as touring musicians, audio engineers, and music retailers, uniquely qualifies us to help you make your business a resounding success.

We here, at Marving, are committed to selling quality musical instruments. We understand the importance of great sound that can touch people's heart, as well as the importance of a chance for an artist to fully express him or herself.

That is why we are sure that you, the storeowner, will be impressed with the quality, as well as with the price and the beauty of products we offer.

Just a reminder that we do not sell to the public, we only sell to retail stores.

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